Mascherpa get the distribution of Glassline products in Italy

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VDV Lubricants is a company specialized in the production of lubricants, under the Glassline brand, used for multiple applications in the glass industry.

Glassline is a complete line of products for this highly specialized and sophisticated field, developed to meet the different individual needs of the glass industry, and in full cooperation with our customers to find reliable solutions that improve productivity, reduce waste, downtime and operating costs, in absolute respect for the environment.
As a result of this collaboration, VDV Lubricants has recently developed new innovative products with much better performance than the competition present on the market :

    • IS pneumatic oils for long life & low consumption
    • Shear spray lubricants for low consumption & safe use
    • Delivery lubricants for performant & no carbon contamination
    • Mould pre-coat for high protection before start

Swabbing compounds

    for clean lubrication of NNPB, B/B, P/B

  • Neck ring lubricants for no carbon contamination & high performance
  • Finishing release agents for no carbon contamination & high level of finish aspect
  • Spray lubricants for high performance & no carbon contamination
  • Conveyor lubricants for easy to use & high performance