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Company profile

Emanuele Mascherpa S.p.A. is a trading company acting as sole agent and exclusive distributor for machine tools, tooling instruments, components, specialty lubricants, industrial adhesives and sealants, encapsulants and anti corrosion products. The benefits offered to our clients include the continuous research of innovative product lines and customer services in all technical and commercial aspects.
The headquarters are located in downtown Milano, the main warehouse is in Tribiano, 20 km south of Milano. Take a look at the list of licensed and tested online casinos in Australia carefully prepared for you by casinoaustralis team.

Our knowledge

our Knowledge

Electronic encapsulation & coating
Industrial Maintenance
Machine Tools, Measuring Machines & Systems
Motion and Vibration Control
Screws Patches
Surfaces Cleaning, Protection and Pretreatment

our Keywords

Competence: More than 3700 customers listen to and trust us
Creativity: Finding ways to success and excellence
Culture: Sharing and conserving info and historical memory in a fast changing evolving world
Materials: More than 2000 specialty products to deliver solutions
People: 30 salesmen and 15 technicians in a team working all over the italian territory
Planning: Turning ideas into realities
Skill: Skill do not grow on trees but fruits of our skills are on our Principals table
Technology: Most advanced product ranges in lube-adhesion-surfaces protection-motion control-machining

Main markets

auto & transportation
distribution & MRO
electronic & electromechanical
white goods

our Highlights

Exhaustive presence within the Territory
Continuous search for innovative solutions to customers
Complete range of products in each field of activity
Efficient network of sub-distributors
Continuous “problem solving” education of the sales force
Pre & After sale technical service to customers
High level of IT use
Long lasting strong connections with Principals
ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001-2015
»Responsible Care» in Chemical Division

our Values

Mascherpa more than one hundred years of life and experience demonstrate our ability to be innovative and at the same time responsive to markets needs and rapid changes.

We desire and are committed to being, in Italy, at the top in providing reliable and innovative solutions for the recognition of our customers and the success of our Supplier / Partner.

It is prime for us the systematic training of our employees and their motivation; therefore, we are continuously committed to supporting their professional and personal growth, at the same time recognizing that their daily contribution to the development of our company and the success of our partners is essential and irreplaceable.

Our choice is to effectively increase the volume of business and the professionalism of our employees, through systematic critical review and continuous improvement of the quality of our services and products.

We are committed to lead and motivate by example, combining economic success with social responsibility and respect for ethical values of honesty and integrity not less than for the environment.
This is the guiding principle by which we operate and that is reflected in how each of us interacts with institutions, with customers, with suppliers and colleagues.
Honesty and integrity are vital components of the decisions we take and of everything we do.