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Gas Springs

Gas springs are fundamental mechanical devices used in a wide range of industrial applications for lifting, balancing, and controlling hinged or suspended loads.

Introduction to Gas Springs

These components provide controlled motion, ensuring minimal load variation in extension. Gas springs are particularly valued for their versatility and reliability.

Hahn Gas Springs: Technology at the Cutting Edge

  • Hahn, with more than 50 years of experience in gas spring technology, offers a wide range of solutions, including compression, extension, stroke-locking, hydraulic dampers, opposed and telescopic gas springs. These gas springs, with various attachment options and high-quality materials, are highly versatile and reliable.

Camloc Gas Springs: Efficiency and Reliability

  • Camloc gas springs are known for their efficiency in lifting and controlling hinged or suspended loads. They use a self-contained, maintenance-free hydropneumatic piston design loaded with inert gas, and are ideal for applications such as controlled lifting of doors and covers.

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