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A leading company in industrial lubricants and adhesives

For more than 120 years, Emanuele Mascherpa S.p.A. has been committed to providing technological solutions in every industrial sector.
Our offerings include industrial adhesives, special lubricants and electronic protection products.
Our range extends to meet business needs, offering reliable and innovative solutions.

Our widespread presence in the territory is provided by salespeople, agents and distributors.
We bring our customers the benefits of constant quality research, coupled with continuous technical and commercial support.
Our headquarters are located in the heart of Milan’s commercial center, while our main warehouses operate in Tribiano.

In addition to our history and the wide range of products we offer, we aim to create strong and lasting relationships. Our team is the engine that drives this mission, founded on intrinsic values of integrity, commitment and service.
Every day, we strive to exceed expectations and offer solutions that make our commitment to customer satisfaction tangible.
Every success we share with them is a testament to our dedication and passion for what we do.

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Our experience

Our fundamentals.

Expertise: More than 3700 customers listen to us and believe in us

Creativity: Intuition and imagination in finding ways to success and excellence

Culture: Preservation and sharing of information and historical memory in a rapidly and continuously changing world

Materials: More than 2000 special products to provide solutions

People: 30 sales technicians and 15 experts work in teams throughout Italy

Planning: Turning ideas into facts

Talent: The fruits of our talent are on the table of the Houses we represent

Technology: Innovative and advanced product ranges for lubrication-adhesion-surface protection-motion control and materials processing

Main markets served

Our strengths

Comprehensive product ranges in every business sector

Continuous search for innovative customer solutions

Sales force “problem solving” education

Technical Customer Service, Pre & Post Sales

High use of InformationTechnology

Long-lasting and enduring relationships with Reps.

Comprehensive presence throughout the territory

Effective Network of Sub-Distributors

ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001-2015 certification

Policies of “Responsible Care


Our values

Mascherpa’s more than one hundred and twenty years of life and experience demonstrate our ability to be both innovative and responsive to market needs and developments.

We desire and are committed to being at the forefront, in Italy, in providing reliable, state-of-the-art solutions for the recognition of our Clients and the success of our Suppliers/Partners.

Systematic training of our employees and their motivation are primary for us, so we are continuously striving to support their professional and personal growth recognizing that their daily contribution to the development of our company and the success of our Partners is fundamental and irreplaceable.

Our choice is one of significant growth in the volume of business, the number of employees and their professionalism, with continuous review and constant improvement in the quality of services and products.

We are committed to leading and motivating by example, combining economic success with social responsibility and respect for the ethical values of honesty and integrity combined with respect for the environment.

This is the guiding principle by which we operate and is reflected in how each of us interacts with institutions, clients, suppliers and colleagues.

Honesty and integrity are fundamental components of the decisions we make and everything we do.