Arkema’s Born2Bond™ is a new range of innovative technical adhesives.

Engineering adhesives for the modern world

Arkema’s Born2Bond™ is an innovative range of instant anaerobic cyanoacrylate adhesives that meet advanced product design and assembly needs. Used in industries such as automotive, electronics, general assembly, luxury goods, medical devices and maintenance, these state-of-the-art adhesives offer high-quality technical solutions.

Here are some of the features of Born2Bond™ instant and anaerobic cyanoacrylate adhesives:

  • Innovative bonding solutions and application processes
  • Advanced manufacturing processes
  • Highly engineered formulations
  • Security and sustainability
  • Energy-efficient production processes

Anaerobic adhesives

Born2Bond™ is the range of anaerobic adhesives that offers a reliable and cost-effective alternative to mechanical fasteners for fixing and sealing processes. With excellent resistance to impact and vibration, leakage and corrosion, and high first release torque, these adhesives are ideal for both precision machining and heavy engineering. In addition to reducing possible waste by replacing many traditional components such as washers, seals, pins and hemp, they can also improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the process.

The main categories of Born2Bond™ anaerobic adhesives are:

  • Threadlocking (Threadlocking)
  • Pipe Sealing
  • Gasketing (Liquid Gaskets)
  • Retaining (Sealing systems)

Cyanoacrylate instant adhesives

Born2Bond™ offers a series of instant cyanoacrylate adhesives known as Engineering Adhesives, which exceed the performance and application limitations of traditional solutions.
The one-component (1K) product range includes Ultra and Ultra Gel, while the two-component (2K) product range includes Flex, Repair and Structural. The range of products with dual curing system (Dual Cure) includes Light Lock. In addition, Born2Bond™ offers Booster and Primer for surface preparation.
These innovative products were developed to address the challenges of assembling increasingly small and complex objects and the demand for high-quality finishes, simplifying faster and smarter manufacturing processes and ensuring user safety and sustainability.


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