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Electronic gap filler

Gap fillers improve heat dissipation and mechanical strength.

What gap fillers are and how they are used

Gap fillers are a type of thermal conductive material usually used in the form of a thermal paste, which is applied, for example, between the motherboard and the heat sink to improve heat dissipation and mechanical strength. In some cases, gap fillers can also be used to fill gaps inside electronic devices to improve heat dissipation and moisture protection.

Their main purpose then is to improve heat transfer between components by increasing the contact surface area and reducing the thermal gap. In addition, they are often formulated to be resistant to high or low temperatures, water, moisture and chemicals.

Gap fillers are mainly used in precision electronics applications such as medical devices, communications, aerospace and military.

What gap fillers look like

Gap fillers are usually available in paste or gel form and are composed of a mixture of conductive metals such as copper or silver and a binder that allows the adhesive to retain its shape once solidified.

The application of gap filler requires care to avoid air bubbles and ensure uniform contact. In addition, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the correct amount of adhesive to use and drying time.

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