Airpel cylinder is a frictionless pneumatic cylinder

The Airpel cylinder is a frictionless pneumatic cylinder. Totally different from conventional air cylinders, it has as its main characteristics the absence of friction at startup (of first release) and minimal friction during movement. This makes it unique in that it allows movement with a smoothness far superior to that of other cylinders. Even with very low pressures, strokes and speeds. And even after several years of inactivity.

The Airpel cylinder has the special design feature of being made with the special “graphite piston/Pyrex glass cylinder” coupling. This union does not require seals and air leakage is negligible.

This cylinder is particularly suitable for applications that require smooth movements at very low pressures, moving heavy or delicate loads at low and high speeds. It is also ideal for precise force control and counterbalance. It works at extreme temperatures, speeds and many high cycles without losing efficiency. The construction materials used and the stainless steel production casing make this cylinder corrosion-resistant and does not require lubrication. It is available with bore sizes of 9,16,24 and 32 mm. and standard strokes up to 300 mm.

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