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Metal adhesives are formulated to join metal parts without the use of welding or other fastening methods. These adhesives offer a wide range of properties, such as high mechanical strength, resistance to moisture and corrosion, and the ability to adhere to smooth or uneven surfaces.

The fields of application for metal adhesives are diverse, ranging from automotive to aerospace, from machinery manufacturing to consumer products manufacturing. In addition, they are particularly used in applications where welding is difficult or impractical, or where metal deformation or distortion is to be avoided.

Factors to consider

  • Metal bonding requires a good knowledge of the properties of the metals to be joined, as well as the characteristics of available adhesives. Metal adhesives can be used to bond metal to metal, but also to join metal parts to different materials such as plastic, glass, or ceramics.
  • Other factors to consider when bonding metal include, for example, the temperature of use, the load to which the joint will be subjected, and the nature of the surfaces to be bonded.


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