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Abrasive wheels are tools used in the manufacturing industry to remove excess material from a surface by abrasion. They consist of abrasive particles bound together by a strong binder.

Introduction on abrasive grinding wheels

Grinding wheels are industrial tools used to remove material by abrasion. These grinding wheels are used to grind, sharpen, cut or polish various materials, including metals, ceramics, glass and concrete. Applications include metalworking, construction, tool manufacturing, electronics and automotive industries. Grinding wheels play a crucial role in ensuring precise, finished surfaces.

Industrial applications of abrasive grinding wheels

The main industrial applications of abrasive grinding wheels are:
Metalworking: In the metalworking industry, grinding wheels are widely used for grinding, sharpening and cutting metals.
Foundries: They are used for finishing and correcting metal castings.
Tool manufacture: They are essential for the production of tools and blades.
Construction: Used in concrete cutting and grinding operations.
Electronics: In the assembly of electronic components, grinding wheels play a role in shaping and finishing PCBs and components.
Glass and ceramics: They are used to finish glass and ceramic products.
Automotive: In applications such as brake grinding and metal surface finishing in engines.

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