Koba hydraulic shock absorbers

Hydraulic shock absorbers and dampers

Decelerators are hydraulic devices that enable shock absorption or motion control. These components enable predefined and controlled deceleration by transforming the kinetic energy of motion into thermal energy. This exchange is made possible by the friction of oil through orifices.
The benefits of using decelerators include:

  • Soft stopping of loads at high speed allows longer work cycles without causing damage to structures and longer life cycle of machinery,
  • Increased operating speed and high noise levels due to shock and vibration are controlled by decelerators,
  • Improved quality and safety of production that is enabled by mitigating or eliminating the negative effects of motion.

The increased inherent safety of machinery using the decelerators makes the plant more competitive for both high productivity at low maintenance costs and long and reliable operating life. In addition to standard models, Koba is also able to produce special units designed according to specific application needs.
The wide standard range combined with the design capability enables Koba to meet any need for motion effect control.

Mascherpa recommends KOBA for ability to meet any motion control need

KOBA, due to its advanced technology and long experience in the field, provides customers with various solutions for shock absorption, vibration isolation and speed control.

Mascherpa is KOBA’s official partner in Italy for decelerators, hydraulic decelerators, viscoelastic buffers, motion controls, gas springs and special shock absorbers for various industries such as: aerospace, defense, port facilities, shipbuilding, heavy industries, industrial automation, railway, steel industries, bottling, etc.

KOBA hydraulic shock absorbers and dampers product families

The KOBA range includes several products, here are some of them.

KMA Series Adjustable

  • The adjustable “design” allows you to modulate the desired damping and lock the adjustment in the position of your choice.

KMS Series Self-compensating

  • An extensive product line that offers flexibility in both size and energy absorption capacity to meet a wide range of application needs.

KSA Series Adjustable

  • The design of the internal orifices allows the damping characteristics to be optimized, allowing the lowest possible reaction force

KHA Series Adjustable

  • Threaded bodies allow mounting flexibility and a larger surface area for the best heat dissipation.

KHG Series Heavy Duty

  • These buffers are preloaded with nitrogen to allow gradual deceleration and ensure positive stem return, requiring no maintenance.

KHS Series Heavy Duty

  • A wide range of models allows high flexibility in both size and absorption capacity that can adapt to application needs

KHC Series Speed Controllers

  • The KHC series ensures extremely precise speed control during compression. They enable precise and constant control of feeds in a wide range of machining operations performed with tools and machinery.

KCSC Series For stacker cranes

  • This hydraulic series of high-performance shock absorbers protects equipment and systems from damage in both applications inside automated warehouses and in overhead cranes and gantries.

KES Series Viscoelastic

  • They use the unique compression and shear characteristics of a special viscoelastic compound that allow the combination of energy absorption and repositioning functions in a single unit.

KRC Series Speed Controllers

  • Adjustable and dual-action KRC models control speed in both tension and compression independently

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