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Elastomeric sealant adhesives are characterized by high elongations that generate reduced stress on even dissimilar substrates under different expansion coefficients, shocks and vibrations. For this reason, elastomeric sealant adhesives can give better performance than traditional assembly methods such as rivets, screws, bolts, and welds that may be inadequate.

Elastomeric sealing adhesives in addition to the function of joining substrates provide a perfect barrier to infiltration of external contaminants that could degrade the joint.

Main properties of elastomeric sealant adhesives

  • They guarantee elongations of up to 700%.
  • Appreciable tensile loads
  • High resistance to peeling
  • Distribute the applied load over the entire joint area
  • Absorb high stresses without stressing the joint
  • They offer excellent thermal resistance

Evenly distribute the forces

  • Elastomeric sealant adhesives allow forces to be evenly distributed over the entire bonded area; without stressing more fragile substrates. Imagine the difficulty of screwing a pane of glass onto an aluminum frame: only the slightest vibrations would produce glass breakage.

Replace the preformed gaskets

  • Elastomeric sealant adhesives can replace preformed gaskets by reducing production and inventory costs, one product instead of countless part numbers, the contents of one cartridge instead of gaskets of different shapes and sizes.


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