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Modeling resins

Modeling resins are polymeric materials used in modeling and prototyping to create components, models, and molds with precision and detail.

Applications of modeling resins

There are several types of modeling resins, each designed for specific purposes:

  • Two-Component Epoxy Resins for Modeling
  • Casting Resins for Prototyping
  • Laminating Resins
  • Gelcoat for Molds and Models
  • Detaching Products
  • Machinable Tables
  • Thermoplastic Simulant Resins

The full range of modeling resins is used in all manufacturing industries around the world, particularly in aerospace, shipbuilding, wind power, and foundry.

Standard tool solutions

  • Mascherpa, in partnership with Huntsman, offers a wide range of tooling solutions with consistent product performance characteristics with the Ren® range. Molds, tools, prototypes, and small series production have exceptional durability and performance and are extremely cost-effective. Among the solutions, we offer Solderless Modeling Pastes (SMPs), laminating systems and pastes, Gelcoats, as well as casting and prototyping systems.

Composite tooling solutions

  • Our composite tooling-specific solutions help design engineers combine materials and tooling construction techniques to achieve cost-effective performance, greater design flexibility, and ease of handling. Features such as the surface quality and dimensional stability of our SMPs, along with the lightness and stiffness of our laminating and gelcoat resins, offer significant benefits.

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