Surface preparation solution

BETACLEAN™ Cleaning Products

BETACLEAN™ cleaning products are a highly effective surface preparation solution used in adhesive repair, particularly for direct glazing, as well as sealing and bonding of body panel repairs. These cleaners can remove excess uncured adhesives from a variety of finished and unfinished surfaces. The urethane adhesive systems developed by BETACLEAN™ have a proven track record of delivering exceptional performance, reducing costs and improving assembly time, and are used by original equipment manufacturers worldwide for glass bonding. In addition, BETACLEAN™ cleaners are designed to work synergistically with BETAPRIME™ primers and BETASEAL™ adhesives, providing a complete solution for installation, structural bonding and sealing of glass.


  • Lightweight closures (bonding of glass fiber reinforced polypropylene and thermoplastic olefins)
  • Coatings
  • Fixing the spoilers
  • Wheel arch extensions
  • Sealing

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