PFPE PTFE Lubricants

The Krytox ® product range includes fully synthetic PFPE oil-based lubricants with a temperature range of – 90°C to + 450°C; compatible with all elastomers and plastics.

Krytox LPG series

  • is the standard range of oils and greases for industrial uses.

Krytox XHT series

  • is the new range for very high temperature applications, where the very low evaporation of the base oil and the special characteristics of durability, adhesion and load resistance are crucial.

Krytox DryFilm RA

  • are solid lubricants with low molecular weight PTFE particles dispersed in solvents or water that form a dry lubricant film with low coefficient of friction. Scroll down and discover Krytox’s range of PFPE PTFE synthetic lubricants or ask the expert.


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