High-temperature oils and cyanoacrylate instant adhesives

Unique brand of chain oils and cyanoacrylate adhesives

Tecnite is a unique brand that encompasses two solutions popular in the industry:

  • High-temperature oils designed especially for chain lubrication
  • Instant cyanoacrylate adhesives that cure rapidly at room temperature

High temperature oils

Tecnite FG H1 high-temperature chain oils, NSF H1 approved, are formulated with synthetic ester bases combined with specifically selected additives. They were developed to meet the growing need (HACCP) of the food industry for cleaner and more reliable lubrication of chains subjected to high temperatures.

Advantages of Tecnite FG H1 OCL:

  • Temperature resistance > 260 °C
  • Minimum evaporation
  • Great Oxidation Stability
  • Excellent anti-wear properties
  • Reduced oil consumption due to low evaporation
  • Clean with minimal smoke emissions and carbon deposits
  • Extends the service life of furnace chains
  • Available in various viscosities

Instant cyanoacrylate adhesives

Tecnite cyanoacrylate adhesives harden by chemical reaction, catalyzed by moisture in the air and triggered by the exclusion of atmospheric oxygen, and cure rapidly at room temperature, without the addition of catalysts or other additives, when sealed between two surfaces placed in contact with each other.
Tecnite cyanoacrylates have been formulated for a variety of applications in fields as diverse as precision mechanics, electronics, optics, high tech, in the automotive and appliance industries, and in general in large-scale production of plastic, rubber, composite, metal, and glass parts.

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