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Resin systems for composites

Composite resin systems are materials composed of a polymer matrix (resin) reinforced with fibers or reinforcing particles, such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, Kevlar or other synthetic fibers.

Applications of composite resins

  • Composite resin systems are materials used in a variety of industrial and manufacturing applications to create advanced composite products. The range includes systems that can be used with various hot or cold technologies, employable with glass, carbon or Kevlar reinforcements. Composite materials are becoming increasingly popular in many industries among which the main ones are aeronautics, civil construction, energy, marine, automotive, and transportation.

Simulative Optimization

We minimize trial and error through our advanced simulation capabilities. The rheokinetic properties of our resin systems provide accurate data for material modeling. Converted to CAD data, these models predict the behavior of the material as it is processed and cured, optimizing each step in the production of the part.

Productive Efficiency for All Types of Processes

Huntsman Araldite products excel in processes such as:

  • Preforming
  • High-pressure resin transfer molding
  • Pultrusion
  • Wet compression process molding
  • SMC molding
  • Wet Filament Winding Process / Towpreg Winding Process

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