Anti-corrosion protectants

Ambersil Anti-Corrosion Protectants

The Ambersil range, manufactured by CRC Industries, includes lubricants, release agents, corrosion inhibitors, metal cutting fluids, inspection and detection products, welding aids, and the most comprehensive range of industrial cleaners available anywhere. Ambersil is a ‘one true source of supply of industrial aerosols and chemicals for technicians and maintenance professionals who require high quality products combined with high performance but cost-effective . Ambersil products are supported by continuous research, careful development, and advanced and continuously renewed production systems. The Ambersil MRO range is your strategic partner for your maintenance activities. Key among the products are biodegradable cleaners that have been developed to minimize environmental impact and VOC emissions to also safeguard workers’ health as well as maximize plant safety. Many products are equipped with the 360° spray system that allows the product to be dispensed at any angle, even upside down. The high quality of Ambersil’s products is why many have a lifespan of up to 6 years. Discover Ambersil’s anti-corrosion protective lubricants for industrial maintenance or ask the expert.

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