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Petro Canada has been producing 99.9 percent pure lubricants, oils and special greases for compressors, refrigeration and hydraulics for more than 30 years.

For more than 30 years, Petro Canada has been researching, developing and producing lubricating oils for various applications.

Petro Canada PURITY HT (Hydro Treated) base oils are transparent and 99.9 percent pure. The purest in the world. Lubricants made with PURITY HT base oils are more thermally and oxidation stable to last longer, so they extend oil change times and reduce maintenance costs. PURITY base oils formulated with the best additives ensure superior lubricant performance in high and low temperatures, and significantly superior to competing products for the same applications. PURITY base oils are nontoxic and inherently biodegradable.

Petro Canada product families

The Petro Canada range includes several products, here are some of them

Lubricants for compressors and vacuum pumps COMPRO

  • Excellent oxidation resistance, 4000 to 8000 hours service life in screw compressors, 1000 hours service life in vane compressors (ISO VG 100), excellent protection against rust and corrosion, available in ISO VG 32,46,68,100 viscosities. Similar performance to synthetic fluids with significant economic benefits.

REFLO ammonia refrigeration fluids.

  • They reduce oil consumption by up to 80% by greatly limiting top-ups and lengthening oil changes. They cut downtime costs because the system requires much less maintenance. They improve the efficiency of heat exchange in the system which helps reduce energy costs. Approved by major manufacturers. NSF H2 certified.

CALFLO diathermic fluids

  • They ensure great thermal and oxidation stability, no odor or danger to operators and the environment. Suitable for liquid phase applications up to 326°C.They ensure lower costs through longer service life and a safe and clean workplace.

HYDREX/ENVIRON Hydraulic Fluids

  • They protect against wear and oxidation and last much longer. They withstand loads up to 2 times higher than major competitors. Excellent corrosion resistance, they separate from water very quickly and do not foam or trap air. The ENVIRON range is metal-free moreover it is odorless, nontoxic and inherently biodegradable.

Lubricants for the Food Industry PURITY FG

  • Complete range for all types of machinery and applications: chain oils, compressor and vacuum pump oils, gearbox and hydraulic oils. Extremely high-performance and innovative greases, also with Calcium Sulfonate as soap, which provide excellent performance for resistance: to water, runoff and aggressive chemicals, loads and extreme temperatures. Lubricants specifically for the Food Industry that allow maintenance periods to be greatly extended even beyond traditional lubricants. They hold all the typical certifications in this field such as NSF H1.


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