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Cytec Dampers and Actuators

From industrial cylinders developed for mold makers, to versatile clamping systems: discover Cytec’s various solutions.


The CyPull cylinder is a product developed to solve the needs of mold makers. Many of the injection molds for plastics and die casting are extremely complex. A core pull-out cylinder with integrated mechanical locking provides significant savings. By eliminating the need for expensive external locking systems, the design is simpler and more reliable with considerable decreases in footprint.

The extreme rigidity of the Cypull cylinder allows for repetitive cycles without the need for maintenance. These characteristics have enabled this cylinder to find use not only in molds, but in multiple other fields of industrial application.


  • CyDim and CyTrac – The CyDim and CyTrac units are just one example of how the success of a project lies in its simplicity. The versatility of these connecting elements enables them to meet many demands inherent in modern flexible manufacturing systems. The simple coupling of a few parts makes it possible to multiply the clamping forces threefold, with the same sections and forces available, while maintaining irreversible clamping.
    Basically with a 40mm diameter piston and a hydraulic pressure of 60 bar. A clamping force of more than 20kN can be achieved and maintained even in the absence of pressure.
  • CyLock – The CyLock locking cylinder consists of two cylinders: a double-acting cylinder and a locking cylinder with clutches, but it can be installed just like a conventional cylinder. It is most notable for its accurate irreversible safety system and constant rigidity even after several cycles.
    Main features of this system are also, mechanical safety and rigidity after numerous cycles.

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