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Clamping and pressure fixing systems

Fitlock ©: pressure fixing system

Fitlock © is a pressure fixing system designed for mounting walls, panels, floors, countertops and other similar items. Born out of years of experience in the marine industry, Fitlock © makes it easy and effective to attach walls and cladding panels to the structure and allows the exact adjustment of the position of one part relative to the other during assembly. To date, removable means such as nails, adhesives, and screws are used to accomplish the operations that can be performed by Fitlock ©, making it stable to grip but difficult to remove the parts once assembled.

Features Fitlock attachment ©


with a holding capacity ranging from 7 to 22 kg in standard models and up to more than 30 kg, upon request, in stainless steel models.


thanks to the ability to repeat the positioning operation countless times to achieve the desired effect. Once mounted, Fitlock © allows the operator to adjust the position of the parts by allowing 4 mm displacement in any direction without affecting its performance and reliability.


due to the strong hold and certainty of its positioning under all working conditions.


replaces old devices with a simple system with immediate output.


Fitlock © has a full range of mounting accessories from which you can choose the most effective method for your needs.

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