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Hot-Melt product assembly prodas

Prodas hotmelt adhesives successfully adhere to a wide range of metals and plastics and have the ability to withstand temperatures up to 120°.


Beadow&Adams’ Prodas hot melt adhesives for product assembly enable manufacturers to improve product quality and appearance by ensuring assembly without nails, screws and other fasteners that can be unsightly and costly.

Prodas hotmelt adhesives can successfully bond to a wide range of metals and plastics with temperature resistance up to 120°C. Used for fast assemblies in automatic or manual processes in the automotive industry (including bonding of polyolefin plastics such as Polypropylene) production of filters, mattresses, bagged springs, home appliances, construction and automotive soundproofing insulation.

Investment on research and development has led to the formulation of innovative and high-performance hot melt adhesives for assembly

Advantages of Prodas adhesives:

  • Advantages of Prodas adhesives:
  • Excellent adhesion to most substrates
  • Suitable for high-speed production.
  • Application by “slot ” coating heads, roller, bead dispensing heads, dot and spray
  • Immediate glues after the adhesive cools down
  • Versatile open times, depending on formulation to fit any process timeline
  • High tensile strength – High resistance to heat and low temperature
  • Special products also for low application temperature bonding for laminating and bonding of foams, porous materials, foams and heat-sensitive materials.

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