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Il punto di forza di Mascherpa è la distribuzione commerciale esclusiva dei principali marchi di lubrificanti industriali, adesivi industriali, protezioni per l’elettronica e tanto altro. Scopri tutti i prodotti dei marchi di nostra competenza.

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Mascherpa more than one hundred years of life and experience demonstrate our ability to be innovative and at the same time responsive to markets needs and rapid changes.

Adhesives and sealants

Motion control

Specialty lubrication

Machine tools

Industrial Maintenance

Modelling e prototyping

Screw treatments

Products for electronics energy and lighting

Cleaning and protection

Mascherpa S.P.A. Is a commercial company, founded in 1904

Emanuele Mascherpa S.p.A. is a trading company acting as sole agent and exclusive distributor for machine tools, tooling instruments, components, specialty lubricants, industrial adhesives and sealants, encapsulants and anti corrosion products. The benefits offered to our clients include the continuous research of innovative product lines and customer services in all technical and commercial aspects.
The headquarters are located in downtown Milano, the main warehouse is in Tribiano, 20 km south of Milano.