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The aerospace and defense industry is an economic sector that includes the design, manufacture, maintenance and sale of aircraft and spacecraft, as well as the provision of services and technologies for national defense. This industry is crucial to technological development and economic growth, as it encompasses a wide range of activities from research and development to manufacturing and trade.

They can be broken down as follows:

  • Aircraft are vehicles designed to fly in the atmosphere, such as commercial and military aircraft, helicopters, and reconnaissance planes.
  • Spacecraft are designed to fly in space, like rockets and spacecraft. In general, the aerospace and defense industry is constantly evolving and developing, and the challenges of lubrication are numerous. Reliability over time and in harsh environments remain a key consideration for the industry.

aerospace maintenance lubricants

  • In fact, the aerospace and defense industry requires high-quality lubricants to ensure the safety and reliability of its vehicles. For example, there are aviation engine lubricants that are designed to withstand the extreme conditions of high speed and high temperatures. Aerospace maintenance lubricants can also be used to lubricate equipment and components used in aircraft construction and maintenance. In any case, lubricants for the aviation industry must meet stringent quality and safety requirements to ensure proper functionality of aircraft.

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