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Resins and encapsulants for electronic circuits

They protect against the external environment and mechanical stresses

What are resins and encapsulants?

Resins and encapsulants are used to protect electronic devices under the harshest operating conditions, protecting them from chemicals, water or other corrosive elements. Materials are used to “encapsulate” individual components or “submerge” the entire unit.

Resins and encapsulants offer excellent mechanical protection; mechanical protection can be identified in various ways; superior performance is evident in applications involving prolonged exposure or immersion in aggressive chemicals, or those exposed to vibrational, thermal, or physical shocks, for example. The highest level of protection is achieved through the mass of resin surrounding the unit. This is different for each application, however, impregnation and encapsulation resins always provide much more substantial coverage than that offered by conformal coatings.

Why should I use a resin?

  • Electronic circuit resins are particularly useful for applications that withstand harsh operating conditions. These can range from saltwater immersion in marine applications, to chemical immersion such as automotive sensors. More recently, resins have been widely used in the LED industry for luminaire protection or as a thermal management material.
  • Thermally conductive resins can also be used to dissipate heat away from the PCB and components at the unit housing.

Why choose Mascherpa

  • Mascherpa’s range of resins and encapsulants includes: acrylics, silicones, polyurethanes; single-component with hot cross-linking or single-component with room-temperature cross-linking; and also high optical transparency or opalines for lighting applications.


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