Industrial mechanics

Industrial mechanics is crucial to the operation of modern industrial applications. Mechanical components provide motion, control and stability, improving efficiency and safety.


Industrial mechanics is a vital sector within industry, providing the pillars on which many modern industrial applications are based. For example, mechanical components are essential to ensure the movement, control and stability of industrial machinery, thus helping to improve the efficiency, safety and quality of production.

Mechanical components and machine tools

  • Industrial mechanical components such as actuators, cylinders, decelerators and dampers are crucial in industry. They transform energy into motion, ensuring precise control. Cylinders create linear motion, decelerators and dampers regulate speed. They improve efficiency and safety, essential for meeting industrial challenges.
  • Machine tools are vital for efficiency and precision in production. Accessories, special measuring machines and tools such as grinding wheels and presses improve processes. They guarantee quality and accuracy. These tools increase productivity and improve product quality.

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