Composites are the result of combining two or more distinct materials that, when combined, produce a material with different and superior properties than the individual materials. These materials are widely used in various industries due to their versatility, strength and light weight.

The applications of composites

The applications of composite materials are countless. They range from the aerospace industry, where they are used to make lightweight and durable components, to the automotive industry, in construction, in infrastructure such as bridges and wind turbines, and even in the medical field, for the creation of prosthetics and implants.

The categories of composite products

There are many categories of composite products, and Mascherpa offers a portfolio of specific solutions for major composite products:

  • Core materials
  • Modeling resins
  • Molding consumables
  • Resin systems for composites
  • Reinforcement Fabrics and Pre-Pregs

Mascherpa technicians will advise you on the best solution

  • Mascherpa’s technicians have in-depth knowledge of composite materials manufacturing processes and are qualified to identify and select the most suitable brands and products to meet your specific needs.

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