ARALDITE® adhesives and resins are the right solution whatever your industry. For more than 70 years, the ARALDITE® brand has continued to provide innovative industrial solutions for adhesives, composites, encapsulation, casting, coatings and surface engineering.

ARALDITE® Adhesives

ARALDITE® structural adhesives are an effective answer to joining needs in various industries, such as transportation, assembly, household appliances, metallurgy and others.
ARALDITE® adhesives, with epoxy, polyurethane and acrylic formulations, are advanced, high-performance adhesives designed to replace traditional joining techniques such as welding and riveting. They are used in the manufacture and assembly of industrial panels, outdoor furniture, fixtures and extrusions.
In addition, ARALDITE® is widely used in the field of restoration and goldsmithing, for applications such as mosaics and gemstone bonding.

These adhesives are a good solution for joining problems in the production of cars, trains, household appliances, marine, aerospace, metal structures, composites, etc. In particular, ARALDITE® structural adhesives are suitable for the following areas.

  • Aerospace: Huntsman Advanced Materials is a global supplier of high-performance materials for the design, prototyping, manufacturing, and repair of aerospace components. For more than 60 years, major aerospace industries have turned to Huntsman Advanced Materials for innovation in composite resins, tooling, syntactic materials, structural adhesives, and lamination systems.
  • Automotive: Huntsman Advanced Materials is a global supplier of high-performance materials for the design, prototyping and production of automotive components. From the production of mass-produced cars or for Formula 1 or trucks and trailers, manufacturing industries choose Huntsman’s innovative systems, such as structural adhesives, composite resins, tooling materials and laminating systems.
  • Marine: For shaping, manufacturing, and repairing parts in the marine industry, Huntsman Advanced Materials can offer patented products ensuring high quality and reliability. Since the 1950s, it has been a global supplier to designers and builders of ships, luxury boats, and pleasure boats. Composite materials and structural adhesives have been found to be safe and perform well even under the severe conditions found in the marine environment.
  • Sport and Leisure: In sports and leisure, even an ounce counts. Lightness combined with strength and flexibility, resistance to fatigue, and freedom in design are key factors in athletic performance. Huntsman Advanced Materials has more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing modeling materials, composite resins, and adhesives in sports and entertainment applications.

Adhesives and sealants

Adhesives and sealants Araldite

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ARALDITE® electronic protection.

ARALDITE® encapsulants represent a series of high-performance products from Huntsman Advanced Materials, known globally for their ability to encapsulate and defend electronic components in industries such as automotive, defense, lighting, and many other areas of electronics. One of the distinguishing features of Huntsman Araldite encapsulants is their absence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making them a safer choice than traditional solvent-based systems.
For more than six decades, thermoset epoxy and polyurethane-based insulation systems under the ARALDITE®, Aratherm® and Arathane® brands have played a crucial role in assisting customers to achieve the desired degree of reliability by meeting specific electrical insulation needs, both indoors and outdoors.

The main features of ARALDITE® electronic protection products are:

  • High thermal resistance and thermal conductivity
  • Flame retardants (UL94 V0/HB listing, EN 45545-2 qualification)
  • Excellent mechanical and dielectric properties
  • Variable hardness and high dimensional stability
  • Good chemical resistance and low water absorption
  • Reduced production costs and increased efficiency

Resins for ARALDITE® Composites.

ARALDITE® composite materials are a range of products produced by Huntsman Advanced Materials and are specifically designed for composite applications. Composites are materials formed by combining two or more distinct materials to achieve unique properties that are not present in individual components alone.

In particular, ARALDITE® products for composites are usually based on resins, such as epoxy resins, which are used to impregnate reinforcing fibers such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, or other specialized fibers. Once the resin has been applied and cured (hardened), the resulting material is extremely strong and lightweight.
These composites are used in a wide range of applications, from the aerospace, automotive, marine, and sports industries to the energy and construction sectors. They offer benefits such as high mechanical strength, light weight, good weather resistance, and chemical resistance, depending on the specific needs of the application.

ARALDITE® adhesives are known for their high performance and reliability and are a preferred choice in many industries for their superior adhesive properties, thermal and chemical resistance, and long service life.

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