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Hotmelt Adhesives

Hotmelt adhesives are solid materials that melt at low temperatures just over 80°C during the application or bonding process.


Hot-melt adhesives are solid, nontoxic, solvent-free adhesives that can be applied after heating to their melting temperature.Once cooled, the materials return to a solid state again, ensuring cohesion.

Substrates must be joined while the adhesive is still liquid; this time space is called open time.

Hot Melt adhesives are characterized by rapid adhesion and cohesion that occurs during cooling.These adhesives offer customers unique and versatile solutions in the packaging, labeling, bookbinding, converting, wood, and industrial assembly markets.They can be used with automatic or manual dispensing systems.

Hot-Melt Packaging BAM FUTURA

  • Beadow&Adams’ BAMfutura packaging adhesives are state-of-the-art hot-melt adhesives in transparent white. The range is complete to meet all packaging applications on automatic lines, are food-grade, mineral oil-free and BRC-certified, guaranteeing bonding at any production speed of traditional, rigid and strong memory effect cartons and boards, some formulations are also suitable for PET, PP, metallized polyester ( MET-POL ), painted and high-density laminated cartons.

Hot-Melt pressure sensitive PRESSEN

  • For ease of handling, BeardowAdams’ HOT MELT PRESSURE SENSITIVE adhesives are available in different formats; in EcoBlock type bricks or in drums depending on the customer’s needs.The range of PRESSEN adhesives is complemented by BAMCLEAN products, created for cleaning application equipment , allow a reduction in maintenance costs while keeping equipment clean at all times optimizing production yield.

Hot-Melt product assembly prodas

  • Beadow&Adams’ Prodas hot melt adhesives for product assembly enable manufacturers to improve product quality and appearance by ensuring assembly without nails, screws and other fasteners that can be unsightly and costly. Used for fast assemblies in automatic or manual processes in the automotive industry (including bonding of polyolefin plastics such as Polypropylene ) production of filters, mattresses, bagged springs, home appliances, soundproofing insulation for construction and automotive.

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