Applications for industrial lubricants

Bearing greases

The purpose of lubricating a bearing is to cover the rolling and sliding contact surfaces with a thin layer of lubricating oil or grease to prevent direct metal-to-metal contact.


Accurate diagnosis of a bearing failure is essential to avoid repeated failures and additional expenses. Rolling bearings are precision mechanical elements found in a wide variety of applications. They are generally very reliable even under the harshest conditions.

Under normal operating conditions, bearings have a service life that is expressed as a period of time or as the total number of rotations before the rolling elements or inner and outer rings fatigue or fail.

Premature bearing failure

  • When a bearing fails prematurely, it is usually due to causes that could have been avoided. For this reason, the ability to draw conclusions about the cause of a failure through the study of its appearance is very useful. Most bearing failures such as scaling, corrosion, flaking, unusual wear patterns, rust, corrosion, creeping, tilting, etc., Are generally attributed to a relatively small group of causes that are often related and correctable. These causes often include improper lubrication.

Proper lubrication with bearing grease

  • The purpose of lubricating a bearing is to cover the rolling and sliding contact surfaces with a thin layer of oil to prevent direct metal-to-metal contact. If done effectively, this reduces friction and abrasion, transports heat generated by friction, prolongs service life, prevents rust and corrosion, and does not allow contamination from rolling elements. Grease is generally used to lubricate bearings because it is easy to handle and simplifies the sealing system, while oil lubrication is more suitable for high-speed or high-temperature operations. The most common causes of lubrication failures are: Incorrect or inadequate lubricant Too little lubricant applied Too much lubricant applied Mixing incompatible lubricants Contamination of lubricant by other elements Contact our experts who will help you choose a ball bearing lubricant and planes tailored to your needs.


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