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Reinforcement Fabrics and Pre-Pregs

Reinforcement fabrics and pre-pregs are materials used in many applications, particularly in composite manufacturing.

What are reinforcing fabrics

  • Reinforcement fabrics, composed of specialized fibers such as fiberglass, carbon fiber or aramid, are designed to provide strength and stiffness. When these fabrics are combined with a matrix, typically a resin, a composite material is born that takes advantage of the best properties of both components. This allows, for example, the creation of lightweight but incredibly strong aerospace structures or automotive components capable of withstanding high stresses.

What are Pre-Pregs

On the other hand, pre-pregs, short for “pre-impregnated,” represent an evolution in composite manufacturing. In this process, the reinforcing fibers are pre-impregnated with an uncured resin, ensuring uniform distribution of resin through the fibers. This not only ensures optimal mechanical properties and a high-quality surface finish, but also simplifies the production process, as the amount of resin is already optimized. In industries such as aerospace or automotive, where accuracy and repeatability are essential, pre-pregs are often the preferred choice.

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