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Valves are characterized by intermittent operation, which must always respond effectively at all times and environmental conditions. Industrial valve greases must ensure low friction, resistance to chemicals and increase the tightness of the valve itself.


Therefore, it is very important to identify the special characteristics of the application in order to select the most suitable valve lubricant.

To optimize operational integrity, valves require proper maintenance. Long-lasting synthetic lubricants keep valves running smoothly while reducing maintenance. Special oils and greases can also provide long-term corrosion resistance and improved performance, even in harsh environments, as well as extend valve seal life.


  • Special lubricants are chemically compatible with all fluids with which valves commonly come in contact and with all sealing materials typically used in industrial applications, and are capable of lowering valve operating torques, promoting the “sealing” effect, preserving the functionality and durability of the elements.

Our lubricants can be NSF H1 approved for food contact, WRAS approved for drinking water contact, DVGW approved for domestic gas, and BAM approved for oxygen contact.

  • Special lubricants ensure smooth valve operation, less relubrication, and field-proven performance that saves time and money. In addition, they are ideal for demanding conditions: high and low temperatures, extreme pressures and harsh environments.


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