Diatex offers materials for vacuum and molding (RTM, infusion, autoclave) including innovative solutions such as Vacuoplex™ and Infuplex™.

Applications of the Diatex range

Diatex’s range of vacuum consumables is aimed at manufacturing processes such as infusion, RTM and autoclave molding.
Starting with peel ply, produced in different weights and yarns, we also distribute vacuum sealing films and mastics, bleeders and breathers, release films including perforated, infusion valves and fittings, drainage nets, mold gaskets and other RTM equipment.

The Diatex product range

Two, in particular, are interesting combination products:

  • the Vacuoplex™ and Vacuopeel™, which combine peel ply with perforated release film and breather in one product. Vacuoplex™ has evolved into VacuoplexMP, which replaces the perforated release film with a membrane that is microporous to volatiles and totally impermeable to resins: this makes it possible to perfectly determine the amount of resin inserted into an autoclave-made laminate
  • the Infuplex™, which provides drainage mesh and perforated release film in one product.

Some Diatex materials have aeronautical approval

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