Polyurethane Sealing Adhesives

BETAFILL™ Joint Sealants

BETAFILL™ joint sealants fill and seal in a single operation. These one-component polyurethanes offer permanent elasticity and good adhesion properties to a variety of substrates, making them ideal for manufacturing and repair applications such as panel sealing, gap filling and finishing. BETAFILL™ helps prevent moisture intrusion that can lead to corrosion while protecting interior compartments from dust, dirt, fumes and moisture. Sealants can also offer advantages in terms of acoustics and thermal management.

Applications and uses of BETAFILL™ adhesive.

  • BETAFILL™ is a first-rate adhesive in the automotive industry, with multiple uses including joints, roof, floor, underbody and wheel well. Its multi-material adhesion ensures a solid bond, while its resistance to water and weathering protects against corrosion and degradation. BETAFILL™ is also a safety ally, absorbing vibration and shock.

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