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The food industry presents special challenges regarding lubricants. It is not easy to maintain a balance between the demands of increasingly stringent operating environments and strict safety restrictions on lubricant composition to ensure high levels in terms of equipment performance.


Generally, conditions in the operating environment are severe: heat, humidity, water purification agents, disinfection agents, as well as food contamination, which can affect equipment performance. Food safety is also particularly important, as highlighted in various protocols related to food quality (HACCP, GMP, ISO 22000). Plants are inspected by government agencies and third-party companies, and the company’s reputation is linked to product quality.

Our food-grade lubricants provide the productivity you need throughout your food production facility, reducing the risk of contamination and enabling you to reduce costs associated with lubricant inventory.

Mascherpa has a full line of industrial lubricants suitable for use in food production facilities, in fact they are NSF certified, and has Kosher, Pareve and Halal registrations. Fits perfectly with HACCP or GMP procedures

  • Our food machinery lubricants respect international standards, the environment and operators, and are formulated in compliance with H1 certifications for incidental food contact. Our lubricants are based on 99.9% pure edible oil (Purity FG) obtained by the patented “Hydro-Treatment” system, which is a process designed to remove impurities

Food-specific lubricants are formulated for harsh operating conditions:

  • Danger of contamination
  • Aggressive cleaning agents
  • Water vapor and moisture
  • Extreme temperature peaks
  • The versatility of lubricants makes it possible to rationalize the number of products used leading to a decrease in products used and thus savings

Mascherpa meets the needs of this market with a complete line of viable lubricants for the food industry, including greases that can withstand considerable temperature fluctuations and rigorous cleaning processes


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