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Heat-conductive adhesive

Thermally conductive adhesive allows small spaces between components to be filled and increases the contact surface area by improving heat dissipation.

What is meant by heat-conductive adhesive

Thermally conductive adhesive is a type of material used to improve heat transfer between electronic components, such as CPUs, GPUs, and heat sinks. It is usually composed of a mixture of conductive metals such as copper or silver and a binder, which allows the adhesive to retain its shape once solidified.

Unlike thermal conductive paste, thermal conductive adhesive is in the form of a solid paste or a liquid solution and is applied as an adhesive, which solidifies once applied.

How the heat-conductive adhesive is used

Thermally conductive adhesive is used to fill small spaces between components and increase the contact surface area to improve heat transfer. It is mainly exploited in precision electronics applications such as medical, communications, aerospace and military devices. In addition, it can be used in extreme environments with high or low temperatures or in critical environments such as in the presence of liquids or vibrations.

However, the application of heat-conductive adhesive must be done carefully to avoid air bubbles and ensure uniform contact.


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