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Anaerobic adhesives

Discover the power of anaerobic adhesives. Ideal for fastening and sealing, they replace traditional components and improve efficiency.


Anaerobic adhesives are adhesives that cure in the absence of air (i.e., in an “anaerobic” environment). They are composed mainly of acrylic monomers and can be used to bond materials such as metals, plastics, glass and ceramics. Born2Bond™ is the range of anaerobic adhesives that offers a reliable and cost-effective alternative to mechanical fasteners for fixing and sealing processes. With excellent resistance to impact and vibration, leakage and corrosion, and high first release torque, these adhesives are ideal for both precision machining and heavy engineering.

In addition to reducing possible waste by replacing many traditional components such as washers, seals, pins and hemp, they can also improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the process. The main categories of Born2Bond™ anaerobic adhesives are: Threadlocking (Threadlockers) Pipe Sealing Gasketing (Liquid Gaskets) Retaining (Sealing Systems)

Threadlocking Adhesives

One-stop solutions for all thread locking requirements

Threadlocking anaerobic threadlocking adhesives provide unique, single-component solutions for all threading needs, including preventive maintenance. Eliminating the cost and inconvenience of a large inventory, these liquid adhesives fill and seal all voids to achieve a cohesive connection of metal parts that remains fixed even when subjected to vibration, temperature or extreme chemicals.

Pipe Sealing Adhesives for Pipe Sealing

Solutions for all types of threaded metal pipes and fittings

Anaerobic Pipe Sealing adhesives are a reliable and adaptable solution suitable for all types of threaded metal pipes and fittings, whether for new installations or preventive maintenance. By filling and sealing all voids, these one-component adhesives ensure 100 percent surface-to-surface contact, resulting in a cohesive and durable connection that will not fail even when subjected to vibration, extreme temperatures or chemicals. These adhesives provide a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional sealing alternatives, such as hemp or PTFE tapes, and eliminate the need for additional supplies.

Liquid Gasketing Adhesives

Flexible and durable alternatives to preformed gaskets

Gasketing liquid gasket adhesives are a single-component, cost-effective alternative to traditional preformed gaskets on metal flanges. Flexible, durable and wear-resistant, they can be used during installation or for preventive maintenance. Achieving 100 percent surface-to-surface contact, the adhesives create a cohesive and durable connection that can withstand vibration, extreme temperatures and exposure to oils, solvents and water. They also offer better stress distribution and, unlike traditional seals, do not require any “bedding.”

Blocking Adhesives Retaining

Single-component bonding solutions for cylindrical assemblies

Retaining anaerobic blocking adhesives are a convenient and adaptable alternative or addition to mechanical fastening processes. Capable of bonding all types of cylindrical assemblies, these single-component solutions also seal all metal joints to eliminate the risk of fretting corrosion. They achieve 100 percent surface-to-surface contact, producing a cohesive and durable connection that can withstand vibration, extreme temperatures and chemicals.


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