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Composite adhesives are formulated to bond composite materials, which are materials made up of a combination of resins, fibers and other elements, such as carbon fiber.
These materials have a number of advantages over traditional materials, such as light weight, mechanical strength and durability. However, bonding these materials requires a specific composite adhesive that can provide strong adhesion and adequate mechanical strength.

Adhesives for composite materials must be able to adhere to smooth and uneven surfaces, and resist deformation and fatigue.

Types of adhesives for composite materials

The choice of adhesive may depend on:

  • From the specific requirements of the application, such as the type of materials to be bonded, the temperature of use, and the mechanical properties required for the joint.
  • From the various fields of application, including aerospace industry, automotive industry, outdoor product manufacturing and sports industry. Composite adhesives are especially used for bonding structural parts, such as the components of an airplane or race car.


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