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Naxos Diskus is synonymous with high quality in the world of grinding wheels.

The grinding operation is usually the last operation performed on mechanical parts; the dimensional and surface characteristics of the finished part depend on it. Relying therefore, on a competent and qualified supplier is an imperative for those seeking quality in union with productivity.

The company has one of the widest product ranges available on the market, ranging from internal grinding wheels with diameters of a few m m to tangential grinding wheels with diameters of 1,600 mm. A range of more than 280 types including corundum, silicon carbide, CBN and diamond are used in production.

As part of a development program, Naxos Diskus recently acquired two qualified companies in the abrasive industry, such as Carborundum and Dilumit Kircher, thus improving its production capacity and increasing its supply of deliverable products.

Naxos Diskus Products

  • Ceramic l vitrified slurry grinding wheels for internal and external grinding of metals where maintenance of wheel shape is required.
  • Bakelitic l resinoid-bonded grinding wheels for internal and external grinding of metals where increased grinding wheel strength is required.
  • Hot-pressed grinding wheels for bloom gouging.
  • Cutting wheels, for cutting guides, punches, tools.
  • CBN/Diamond grinding wheels, for machining particularly hard materials.
  • Abrasive Segments, for lapidary operations.
  • Thread guide rollers, .for the textile industry.
  • Manual dressers, for dressing conventional grinding wheels.

Within the program, grinding wheels for centerless machines, opposing grinding wheels, tangential grinding wheels and plane grinding wheels are particularly popular with our customers.

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