Natural fiber reinforcement fabrics

Reinforcement Fabrics and Pre-Pregs Ecotechnilin

Natural flax fiber reinforcement fabrics, unidirectional or twill2/2, are treated with an epoxy sizing in order to eliminate any risk of water and moisture absorption, for use with epoxy with hand lay-up or infusion lamination process. The same fabrics are available in pre-preg versions. In addition, the range also includes dry fabrics, for polyester or vinylester resin applications.

Ecotechnilin fabric composition

Ecotechnilin fabrics are characterized by an aesthetically pleasing appearance, an excellent ability to absorb vibration when sandwiched between two layers of fiberglass or carbon fiber, and have a low density, lower than that of carbon. Therefore, they find application in the sports industry (tennis rackets, golf clubs, surfing), as well as in furniture, automotive and others.

Characteristics of linen fiber fabrics

  • Elongation at break equal to carbon (1.5%)
  • Mechanical properties similar to glass fiber
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion close to zero
  • Electrical Insulator

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