Merbenit is first in Europe in the field of MS polymer-based permanent elastomeric adhesives and sealants.

Merbenit: 100 years of experience in MS adhesives

Merbenit elastomeric adhesives have MS polymers (Modified Silane Polymers (MSP) adhesives) as the main base material. They are free of solvents and isocyanates therefore safe for the environment and operators. They polymerize without odor by absorption of atmospheric moisture and do not require primers and cleaners.

Multifunctional, they perform on various substrates such as metal-glass, metal-plastic, plastic-glass, wood, etc. and show both the mechanical resistance of polyurethanes and the weathering resistance of silicones. Because of their elastic, adhesive and cohesive properties, they combine the advantages of adhesive technology with those of sealants and are also paintable wet-on-wet.

Applications and Industries Merbenit MSP Adhesives

Merbenit MSP elastomeric adhesives and sealants are widely used for bonding sunroofs, spoilers, alu profiles and plastics, and for the elastic bonding and sealing of parts of caravans, boats and ships, bus bodies, camions and trains.

They are also considered the best waterproof and paintable multipurpose elastomeric sealants for joints and fillers in marine, construction and many other industries.


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