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A lubricating grease is a semisolid product of a dispersion of a thickening agent in a fluid lubricant. It works by releasing lubricating fluid from the condenser and provides lubricant where the use of an oil is not practical and possible.


The lubricating grease spreads easily on the surface of moving parts and forms a protective film. When moving parts move against each other, this protective film acts as a bearing, reducing friction and wear.

Industrial greases may also contain additives that improve their lubricating properties. For example, antioxidants help prevent corrosion of moving parts, anti-rust additives protect moving parts from corrosion, and anti-foaming additives help prevent foaming during machine operation.

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Longer-lasting greases

  • Grease lubricants have greater resistance to water and high temperatures than water-based lubricants, which means they can last longer.

Protection against wear and tear

  • Usually industrial greases form a thicker and stronger protective layer on the surface of moving parts, which means they can offer greater protection against wear and tear.

Protection against dust and foreign particles

  • Grease lubricants have a greater ability to retain dust and foreign particles than liquid lubricants, which means they can protect moving parts from premature wear and tear.

Increased efficiency

  • Special greases have higher efficiency than liquid lubricants, which means they can reduce friction and wear, improving the energy efficiency of the machine.

Suitable for dusty environments

  • Lubricating greases are suitable for use in machines operating in dusty environments, as being denser than a liquid lubricant, it tends not to raise dust.

Possibility of use in hot environments

  • As a lubricating grease, it has a higher flash point than liquid lubricant, allowing it to operate in warmer environments than liquid lubricants.


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