Honeycomb and polypropylene materials for construction.

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Nidaplast created the first polypropylene honeycomb more than 25 years ago, from the intersection of a material (plastic) and a structure (honeycomb), as part of a quest to obtain materials that were both strong and very light.

The main applications of Nidaplast

In order to create a product that combines high strength with low weight, Nidaplast has developed an extrusion process that allows for the economic and high-volume production of honeycomb blocks or sheets. This invention made a technology already used in aeronautics accessible to a variety of sectors (marine, construction, industry): honeycombs as the core of structural panels. In the composites industry, Nidaplast 8 has numerous applications.

The Nidaplast range

The Nidaplast range for composite is declined in:

  • Nidaplast8, standard product, with protective film and nonwoven, for bonding and layering. Nidaplast 8, applied to fine marble slabs, makes it possible to obtain translucent panels
  • Nestaplast, a product intended for bonding with skins with fine thickness
  • Nidapan, a product involving the addition of a glass-reinforced thermoplastic grid for applications in lightened marble.

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