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Plastic gears are known for their quiet operation and precision, crucial for industries such as food, medical and chemical, as well as consumer applications. Plastic gear grease is essential for improving precision, quietness and economy by separating parts with an adhesive grease film that reduces noise and wear.


Plastic gears are primarily recognized for their quiet operation and precision-important attributes for the food, medical equipment and chemical processing industries, as well as in consumer applications. Plastic gear grease is an essential component because it enables the designer to achieve control of precision, quietness, and feel in a simple and economical way, in fact through the lubricant the parts are separated by an adhesive film of grease, which cancels backlash and decreases the development of noise and wear.

When it comes to lubricating plastic components, the wrong choice can cause very serious and often irreparable effects. It is important to know the chemical compositions of a grease or lubricating oil and what interactions they may have on the plastic in question, always keeping in mind that some fragile plastics such as PC and ABS need specific lubricants with certain characteristics.


  • When an incompatible lubricant is chosen, swelling, cracks, and surface changes will occur, leading to failure of the component itself.


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