Presto Black®

Cold Burnishers and Anti-Corrosion Protectors

The Presto Black® System.

The Presto Black® system is the easiest and fastest method of cold-burnishing metals, especially ferrous metals.

Presto Black® has a wide range of color shades from black to brown, including all shades with “antiqued” touch-ups. This system is particularly suitable for all those small productions for which quick assembly with excellent aesthetic impact and good corrosion protection is required. Burnished with this system are generally cutting tools, tool holders, measuring tools, gears, hand tools, castings, machine tool components, and automotive.
The Presto Black ® range also includes fixative and protective products (rust inhibitors, coatings) and degreasers and activators to aid the burnishing process.

The steps of the cycle


Immersion for 60 sec. in an aqueous solution, during which color conversion takes place.


Immersion in protective oil that drives away water, seals pores and protects against corrosion.

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