Solar energy

Adhesives and lubricants for the solar energy industry

Main applications in solar energy

Solar energy is one of the easiest sources of renewable energy to produce, particularly solar photovoltaic energy, which is leading to its increasingly widespread use. Mascherpa offers innovative adhesive solutions, such as Huntsman ARALDITE® products, that can achieve more efficient production processes and apply new concepts that promote material and energy savings, vital elements for the future sustainability of the industry.

Main applications in solar energy

We offer the most effective solutions in terms of adhesives, sealants and electronic protection for the solar energy sector, which is becoming more and more important every day.

Solar energy stickers

Our high-performance adhesives for the photovoltaic and concentrating solar market simplify panel assembly and are extremely durable.

Electronic protection for solar energy

It is necessary to protect junction boxes, solar inverters, transformers and electrical circuits from external agents and weather.

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