Plastic metals

Devcon range of plastic metals such as epoxy and polyurethane glue.

It is a range of epoxy and polyurethane, two-component, metal and ceramic powder filled resins allow fast and effective maintenance work on heavily worn or damaged mechanical or/and concrete elements offering protection from corrosion, abrasion, chemical aggression and withstand temperatures up to + 180°C. They ensure long-lasting repair with short technical plant downtime, extend the average life of the treated part, and at significantly lower cost than replacement with a new part.

Devcon ® plastic metals

  • Two-components are applied to metal surfaces for restoration and corrosion protection of: rubber bodies , impellers, heat exchangers, valves, chemical passage lines, tanks, hoppers, propellers, bearing seats, shafts, guides, conveyor belts, molds, etc. They also make it possible to quickly prevent or stop leaks and oozing.

Devcon ® coatings

  • For concrete, they are applied for restoration, protection and maintenance of tanks, reservoirs, ponds, pavements, etc. so as to increase durability and resistance to aggressive chemicals (concentrated acids and bases, solvents, etc.), abrasive fluids and solids; and to make surfaces non-slippery. Devcon ® products are widely used in power plants, refineries, the chemical industry and the shipping industry. Learn about Devcon’s range of plastic metals such as epoxy and polyurethane glue or ask the expert.


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