Hot-Melt Adhesive Technology

Hot-Melt pressure sensitive PRESSEN

Hot-melt Pressure Sensitive Pressen adhesives can be used to securely bond paper, metal film, plastic film, etc.


The Pressen® Beadow&Adams hot melt pressure sensitive (PSA) adhesive range is designed specifically for high-performance self-adhesive applications.

Our production facilities employ the latest state-of-the-art technology to be able to offer high-performance products at all times.

For ease of handling, BeardowAdams’ HOT MELT PRESSURE SENSITIVE adhesives are available in different formats; in EcoBlock-type bricks or in drums depending on the customer’s needs.

The range of PRESSEN adhesives is complemented by BAMCLEAN products, created for cleaning application equipment , allow a reduction in maintenance costs by keeping equipment clean at all times while optimizing production yield.

Typical applications:

  • Self-adhesive, permanent or removable labels
  • Self-adhesive, permanent or removable tapes
  • Self-adhesive closures and tearable strips
  • Insulating materials
  • Security seals for mail-order envelopes and closures
  • Self-adhesive tapes for advertising panels or graphic arts
  • Pest control systems (sticky traps)
  • Alkali washable labels

Advantages of Pressen adhesives:

  • Can be used on high-speed coating lines
  • Formulated to facilitate clean cutting in die cuts
  • Permanent or temporary bonding (with varying degrees of adhesion, from strongest to weakest)
  • High tensile strengths
  • Formulations with a high bio content
  • MOSH- and MOAH-type alkali-washable and mineral oil-free products.
  • Working temperature range of -40 to +100 C.
  • Food Contact Products

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