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Lubricating oils

Lubricating oils can be used in different industrial areas due to their specific chemical composition.


Industrial lubricating oils, a subcategory of lubricants, are a key component of lubrication systems used in industry. They are used to reduce friction and wear between the moving parts of machinery and equipment, promoting an improvement in their efficiency, a reduction in maintenance costs by extending their service life.

In general, lubricating oils are designed to withstand high temperatures, high pressures and extreme environmental conditions, such as dust, water and corrosion.

How do industrial lubricating oils differ?

There are several types of industrial lubricating oils available on the market that may differ in various characteristics, including:

  • Chemical composition: some lubricating oils are mineral-based, commonly used in applications that require good thermal stability and low viscosity while others are synthetic-that is, they are produced by chemical synthesis to meet precise and specific performance.
  • Viscosity: viscosity indicates the oil’s resistance to flow. a high viscosity number lubricating oil (e.g., 10W-40) is more suitable for colder temperatures, while a low viscosity number lubricating oil (e.g., 5W-30) is more suitable for warmer temperatures.
  • Flash point: The flash point indicates the minimum temperature at which the oil can catch fire. An industrial oil with a higher flash point is safer to use in high fire risk environments.
  • Pour point: The pour point indicates the minimum temperature at which the oil stops flowing.An industrial oil with a lower pour point is suitable for use in cold environments.
  • Additives: some lubricating oils contain additives that improve their properties, such as resistance to oxidation or wear.

Applications of lubricating oils

They can also differ in their area of application, here are some :

  • Gear oils, help prevent wear and production downtime in power transmission components and systems.
  • Oils for compressors and vacuum pumps. These machines must withstand very high speeds, temperatures and pressures and operate reliably with minimal downtime.
  • Chain oils, help protect against dust and attack from moisture or detergents.
  • Hydraulic oils, used to lubricate hydraulic systems. They must withstand high pressures and temperatures.
  • Special purpose oils, are designed for specific applications in industrial processes.

Depending on the application, Mascherpaʼs experts can help you choose the most suitable oil for your special requirements.


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