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Hot Melt Stickers

Beardow Adams, a company specializing in the production of Hot Melt adhesives (hot melt adhesives)

Beardow Adams, specializing in Hot Melt adhesives (hot melt adhesives), formulates, manufactures and develops through continuous research. The range of BAMFutura products, BAMCare, Prodas and Pressen, are specific to different industries.

Packaging for packing and packaging

  • The versatility of hot melts makes it possible to glue any type of cardboard: recycled, UV coated, dense and compact fiber, grease resistant, wax or PE coated, plasticized.

Labeling to label

  • Application areas include containers made of glass, PET, HDPE, PVC, with treated and untreated paper labels, aluminum or metalized foil, polypropylene, polyester, PET, PVC.

Wood industry

  • The latest generation of hot melt finds its best application on difficult materials that include edging, forming, profile overlays, V-grooves and other assemblies.


  • They are suitable for processing and laminating raw materials in order to produce processed products (film or laminate lamination).

Product assembly

  • The use of unlimited open time hot melts allows complete freedom in assembly times and production steps.Hot melts have been formulated to meet a wide variety of uses as materials, machinery, speeds and application methods change.

They are not hazardous, toxic or flammable, contain no solvents and are 100% solid. Compare the various technical characteristics of Hot Melt Beardow Adams adhesives or ask the expert.

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