Anaerobic adhesives

The anaerobic adhesives produced by Superbond consist of only one component.

Superbond products are special one-component anaerobic adhesives. They are liquids that harden when they come between two metal surfaces to be connected; the air is the inhibitor: it preserves the liquid product; the metal is the catalyst: it activates curing.

The mechanical coupling to be made should have little clearance, up to 0.5 mm maximum, so that the product completely fills the joint space excluding the presence of air and allowing anaerobic curing.

Superbond hardens without shrinkage or tension between the parts, allows complete filling of the joint ensuring uniform stress transmission and an absolute guarantee against vibration. Superbond forms a tough, plastic film in the joint, resists oils and fuels, hydraulic and refrigeration fluids, water and many chemicals, and is impermeable to gases and vapors.

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